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1st Bed

The 1st bed --- see what happen's you just get hooked to the beauty!


Our other "Collection" of beauties --- My husband and daugther pull tractors at the local fairs!!

Thank you for stopping by to visit East View Farm Daylily web pages! This is my 1st attempt at a website so please bear with me as I upload my plants, pictures and activate my site. I have many other flowers to see if you would like to stop by for a walk through the gardens, please email or give me a call.

Although I have been a daylily enthusiast since 2005 in what started out as a "small" dog bone shape garden has now grown into over 300 varieties of daylily gardens to walk through and enjoy! I am now ready to share some of my "special" plants with others. Daylilies to me are like people...different shapes, sizes, and uniqueness of beautiful colors that bloom at different times.

EVF - Flowers - I was fortunate to receive these hybridized unregistered flowers and have cultured them in my gardens and am now ready to share with others. My family has joined together in naming these flowers through the beauty of our eyes and loved ones.

My gardens are more of a walk through and pick the flowers you would like best in your gardens.
Best blooms are mid June through August. With peak generally mig July. Bonus plants are included with all orders.
We hold a Nursery Inspection and Registration Certificate # 168 with the State of Connecticut.

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